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Dudince is proud of its double superlative, which is not so easy to see - we are the youngest and at the same time the oldest spa in Slovakia. How is it possible? We are the youngest in terms of starting to build spa hotels in modern post-war history, and the oldest because our mineral spring helped people two thousand years ago.

Healing water


The biggest magnet for all visitors to this spa town is Dudinská mineral healing water. The well-known local legend attributes to its beneficial effects the magical power of the fairy Dudinka, a fairy-tale creature who returned the life of the son of a Roman duke with this water and left her healing power for future generations.



In Dudince you can choose from a wide range of accommodation. There are spa houses, hotels, as well as private guesthouses. And since Dudince is the smallest town in Slovakia, all facilities are located close to the spa park.

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