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History of the Balnea Cluster Dudince Tourism Association

The Balnea Cluster Dudince Tourism Association (ZCR BCD) is the predecessor of today's OOCR Dudince, which was ahead of its time at the time of its establishment.


In 2008, at the initiative of Kúpeľov Dudince, as, the Balnea Cluster Dudince Tourism Association was established, which had the task of associating organizations and business entities and would be able to promote the interests of business entities operating in the segment of providing spa care and doing business in tourism. of Dudince. The establishment of ZCR BCD conditioned the natural demand for better services in tourism, the need to increase competitiveness in spas and tourism in the Slovak Republic or the EU, as well as the need for greater support for tourism development in the tourist destination of the spa town of Dudince.


Founders: Kúpele Dudince, as, Slovthermae, Kúpele Diamant Dudince, š.p, self-government City of Dudince and other business entities in Dudince.

Goals of the Balnea Cluster Dudince Tourism Association

- support of cultural, folklore and social life in the spa town of Dudince.


- development, support of sports life and sports events in the town of Dudince.


- ensuring, in cooperation with the city of Dudince and other members of the BCD, the care of important facilities

tourism in the city and its surroundings (network of hiking trails, bike paths, forest park, well with mineral water

and gazebo, natural amphitheater, etc.).


- protection and care of natural, historical and cultural monuments in the town of Dudince (Roman baths, Dudin travertine hills, Dudin bell tower, etc.).


- support and development of sustainable development of the town of Dudince as a tourist destination in tourism

and bathrooms.

- protection, support, promotion and raising the level of environmental quality in the town of Dudince and its surroundings.


- support for the environmental education of young people in cooperation with the Dudince Secondary School and raising the environmental awareness of the population of the town of Dudince.



Ing. Boris Benický

Kupelna 109

962 71 Dudince

OIN: 45022381

TIN: 2022718533


IBAN: SK65 0200 0000 0024 9403 4356


TEL .: 0907 835 347


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